A personal branding and coaching program to help you become

Confident and closer to your next dream role.
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About the Executive Escalator

Executive Escalator is a personal, confidential branding and coaching program.

We help you position yourself for your next, bigger career opportunity.  We help you make the most of opportunities in your current role to:

Raise your profile

Tell your story

Build your personal brand

Become Intentional About The Relationships You Develop

Create New Opportunities


Steps of the Executive Escalator


First, we’ll clarify your career goal – your North Star.
With a clear destination, we can focus on the right priorities and messages.


Second, we will define and map your personal brand – the reputation, qualities, skills and experiences to emphasize. With a clear personal brand, you – not others – will own and advance your brand.



Third, we will align your own goal and brand to those of your organization.
We will ensure that you advance your employer and personal goals in sync.
This will position you as a high performer in your current role, not someone eyeing the exit.


Next, we will communicate your new, sharper position through a purpose statement, one-pager, bio, core message, sound bit, and elevator pitch.
These assets will help you define yourself consistently, especially in social media.


Finally, we will put it all into practice as you speak, publish, network, create and seize opportunities.


Through every step, you will receive one-on-one coaching to stay on track, productive and successful.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Executive Escalator?
A personal and confidential branding and coaching program.

We help you position yourself for your next, bigger career opportunity.  We help you make the most of opportunities in your current role to:

  • raise your profile,
  • build your personal brand,
  • tell your story,
  • become intentional about the relationships you develop,
  • and create new opportunities.

Many of us are stuck on the “treadmill” of very big, senior jobs.  That leaves no time to think ahead and start taking action for your next chapter.

We make that process easy and automatic.

When you get on the Executive Escalator, you start moving up – confident and closer to your next dream role.

Is this just a “career coaching” service?
No. All our coaches have spent decades helping CEOs and other senior leaders articulate their ideas and value to critical audiences.  We’ve worked with and developed industry thought leaders, and we know how to bring out your best.
Why an “escalator”?
Making progress in life – and your career – is all about moving up.  But when you have a full-time job, you can’t stop working to climb 5 flights of stairs, so we make it automatic and part of your current role.  Join us on the Executive Escalator, and we’ll help you rise higher by building your brand, raising your profile, developing relationships and opening doors.
What is Exec Express?
Exec Express is our accelerated program for leaders who need results quickly. Members are either (a) actively interviewing for senior roles (b) have accepted a new role, or (c) recently started a new role.

Program Details

How long is the coaching relationship?
Memberships begin at one year.
When do programs start?
After a quick conversation, submit your application and have a discovery call with your coach.  If you are accepted, your first session can begin that same week.


Who are the coaches?
We will pair you with a coach who is an ideal fit for you.  Our top-level coach is our founder, Pete Weissman. All of our coaches are expert at helping you articulate your best talents.


What level executives are accepted into the program?
Our members are typically VP level and above.  They have headcount and budget – often budget for executive coaching — and sometimes have P&L responsibility.
Who is a good fit for the program? Who is not a good fit?
Great Fit: Leaders who are committed to moving up in their careers and are willing to invest their time in building a better future. Leaders who are coachable and who take responsibility for their actions.

Bad Fit: People with attitude problems and excuses who blame others for their circumstances.

How do I join?
All potential members must apply for admission and be approved.  Then we’ll have a discovery call.  Because this is an individual coaching program, we need to make sure there’s a mutual fit.


Does my boss need to know I’m doing this? Can it be confidential?
All our coaching and work is confidential. We will not talk with anyone else without your permission.  If you like, you can choose to participate in group sessions and workshops with other members like you.
If my company knew I was thinking about my chapter, it wouldn’t be good. How do I keep this private?
Several ways. You are welcome to communicate via your personal (not work) email and phone. On your calendar, scheduled sessions will not indicate the nature of the discussion. And if you want to use burner phones and codenames, that’s fine too. (Our top coach likes to go by “Colonel Mustard.”)
Will it be obvious to my colleagues/manager that I’m trying to make a move?
Only if you want it to be.  That’s why Stage 3 of our process is so important.  In it, we align your personal goals and brand with your organization’s goals, so that everything you do to advance yourself also advances your organization. Some clients want to be more obvious externally. Others want to be low-key externally while taking strategic steps to advance their future.  It’s all up to you.


How much does it cost?
It depends on how much support you want and which membership level you choose.

All our programs include monthly, one-on-one coaching calls that help you clarify your idea role, develop the tools you will need, and think intentionally about how to seize speaking, publishing and other opportunities.

In our basic package, your coach provides templates, you create your communications assets, and your coach provides suggestions.

In our higher-level programs, your coach will create the materials for your review and approval.

Who pays? Can my company pay for this?
It’s up to you and your organization’s policy.  Most members have a budget for professional development or executive coaching.  Other members pay out of pocket.  Some do a combination.  Members are responsible for ensuring they are using their organization’s funding appropriately. Because our invoices are issued by our parent company, they do not say “Executive Escalator” on them.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, but not player’s Club card (Sorry Telly Savalas) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmRSL_ukowg

Which Program is Right for You?

Our flagship program that builds your brand, message, relationships and opportunities over 1 year and more.
Our accelerated program for leaders who: (a) are actively interviewing, (b) have accepted a new leadership role, (c) have recently started a new leadership role.

Mailing Address

4514 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd #492
Atlanta, Georgia 30338